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Profile & Argentina’s new context

Argentina’s new context for the sector, after the passing of “Renewable Energies Law” (Nbr 27191), opened an expected window of opportunities and PARESA aims to take a leading role in the growth of this, until now, slept market. Focusing actively in all four basic stages of a Project development. Profile PARESA: Paresa is an integral Service & Products provider that offers tailor-made answers for each individual client.

Our team has developed a unique 2GW Capacity experience in Argentina’s neighbour market, Brazil, overcoming every challenge that the Brazilian renewable industry has faced in the last 12 years. This expertise is one of our most valuable assets, since the Argentinean market has similar characteristics regarding power needs, grid connection, logistics & insfrastructure as well as political and financial challenges.




AVBS-OG&E is a Brazilian company with extensive track record in Energies.

DOIS A Engenharia is a company with an extensive record in civil construction, and created a specific Wind Power Division.

URIBURU is an Argentinean family owned diversified Group that started in agribusiness and now covers energy activities.

MULTI is a Recife based Brazilian company, with 10 years of engineering and design experience in the wind Power sector.



Let's build the future together.

Patagonia Renovables accounts also on an experienced Team ready to explore, identify, assess and create value to locations with high renewable energy potential.

We are clear and confidential to promptly discover the real value of your assets; based in serious work, tradition and prestige over many years, we have became a hallmark in the Wind Power Market and we are proud to sat that many current solid Projects were once part of our dreams. You can be one of those too.


Patagonia Renovables

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